Economic Development

Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region (seCTer)

SCCOG works closely with the Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region (seCTer), the Federally recognized Economic Development District (EDD) in southeastern Connecticut. The guiding document of the EDD is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which establishes an economic development vision for the region and enables seCTer and municipalities for Federal funding through the United States Economic Development Agency (EDA). The SCCOG Board has approved the three previous CEDS, along with seCTer. The SCCOG Executive Director and a number of SCCOG Board members serve on the seCTer Board of Directors.

Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board (EWIB)

The Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) is a non-profit organization created through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Action (WIOA) in 2014. EWIB examines the region’s employment needs and coordinates programs and training to increase the competitiveness of eastern Connecticut’s workforce. EWIB also operates the region’s American Job Centers.