Southeastern Connecticut Housing Alliance

The Southeastern Connecticut Housing Alliance (SECHA) was incorporated in 2006 as an advocacy organization, dedicated to promoting affordable housing in southeastern Connecticut. SECHA took the place of the Blue Ribbon Panel for Housing, which was formed following a 2002 study of housing needs in the region. Today, SCCOG and SECHA work closely, with SCCOG providing administrative and program support to SECHA. Meeting information can be found on the Meetings page.


“SECHA will work to advance access to housing through continuous collaboration and leadership.”


Equipped with adequate skills and resources, stakeholders need to coordinate their combined efforts to affect change. Through collaboration among its diverse membership and community connections, SECHA will build capacity with the region to increase affordable housing and develop solutions for additional housing options.


SECHA recognizes the need to develop informed policymakers, activists, and communities, in order to improve public and private housing programs and policies. SECHA will foster support and leadership for affordable housing.


Our internal capacity to provide value for the community and advance SECHA’s goals requires us to effectively monitor the organization’s governance, marketing, and communications, as well as its financial stability.

January 14
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March 11
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May 27

July 8

September 9

November 18*

*This meeting is moved to the third Friday to avoid conflict with Veterans’ Day


Chairman: Norton Wheeler
Vice-Chair: Pamela Days-Luketich
Secretary: John Bolduc
Treasurer: James Butler

John Bolduc
Former Executive Director, Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors (Retired)

James Butler
Executive Director, Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

Pam Days-Luketich
AVP/Community Outreach Officer, Liberty Bank

Sen. Paul Formica
Senator, CT Senate District 20

Fred Allyn III
Mayor, Town of Ledyard

Robert Fusari
President, Real Estate Service of Connecticut

Susy Hurlbert
Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors

Les King
Vice President, Norwich Property Owners’ Association

Deborah Monahan
Executive Director, Thames Valley Council for Community Action

Mark Oefinger
Former Town Manager, Town of Groton (Retired)

Julie Savin
Vice President, Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities

David Stanland
Chief Financial Officer, Dime Bank

Geoff Taylor
Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT

Norton Wheeler
Principal, Mystic River Building Company