Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (SCCOG) is a public agency with representatives from twenty-two towns, cities, and boroughs, formed to provide a basis for intergovernmental cooperation in dealing with a wide range of issues. The Council was organized in October of 1992, taking over the mission of the Southeastern Connecticut Regional Planning Agency (SCRPA), which had been in existence since January 1961.

Primary focus areas of SCCOG are: Regional Planning, which includes producing studies and plans that affect the responsible development of the region; Transportation Planning and prioritization of State and Federal transportation funding, as the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO); and Regional Services, which includes staffing assistance to local land use commissions and exploring additional avenues for cost savings and inter-municipal cooperation.

For more information about SCCOG, including membership and committee information, see the About page. For member municipality web links, see the bottom of this page.

Thames River Heritage Park Foundation seeks water taxi and boat tour operator:

The Thames River Heritage Park Foundation (TRHPF) is soliciting proposals from Licensed Commercial Tour Boat Operators to provide a Water Taxi Shuttle Service among at least three points linking the cultural and historic sites of the Thames River Heritage Park (TRHP), as well as to operate boat tours in the lower Thames River estuary.


Interactive Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Map and SurveySCCOG 2019 Legislative Agenda:

Provide input so our region can better accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians.

Basic instructions for the map:

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  3. Open up the legend and click the “+” next to the feature you wish to put on the map
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SCCOG 2019 Legislative Agenda:

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments has adopted the following legislative agenda for the year 2019.

2019 Legislative Agenda

Recommendations of the SCCOG Task Force to Analyze the Municipal Tax Impact of Non-profit Agencies:

In 2018, a Task Force of the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments was established to explore solutions to ease the impact of non-profit agencies on municipal Net Grand Lists and expenses. 

Among the Task Force participants were municipal chief elected officials/managers, municipal assessors, non-profit agency executives, a hospital representative, a representative of a private college, and SCCOG staff.

Final Report

SCCOG Embarks on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Study:

SCCOG staff, with consultants from AECOM, are leading a planning process that will assess existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and identify gaps and future needs in pedestrian and bicycle networks. This study period will run through June 2019.

The study team is seeking input from constituents with an interest in bicycle and pedestrian transportation to drive planning recommendations. Please find a survey link below.

Southeastern Connecticut Regional Bike & Pedestrian Plan website


Special Transportation Fund (STF)- Impact of the STF on Transportation Funding and Project Delivery and Five-year Capital Program:

Commissioner James Redeker, of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, addressed the SCCOG Board on September 19, 2018, regarding the State’s Special Transportation Fund (STF).


Announcement – Gold Star Bridge Shuttle:

The Gold Star Bridge pedestrian path (I-95 southbound span) over the Thames River will be temporarily closed to bicycles and pedestrians beginning August 13. A temporary shuttle will run between the New London and Groton sides of the bridge, seven days per week (schedule below).

Press Release

Shuttle Schedule

Miracle League presentation given at SCCOG meeting:

Mr. Dave Putnam (Town of East Lyme Parks and Recreation Director) gave a presentation on the Miracle League of Southeastern Connecticut, at the June 20th SCCOG meeting.


Special Transportation Fund (STF)- Department of Transportation Operating and Capital Budget Impacts: 

Commissioner James Redeker, of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, addressed the SCCOG and SEAT boards of directors in a joint meeting, January 17, 2018, regarding the State’s Special Transportation Fund (STF).


Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments Shared Services Opportunity Study:

The Southeastern Connecticut Shared Services Opportunity Study documents current examples of shared services by the twenty-two SCCOG-member communities, identifies new opportunities for sharing, evaluates potential costs and benefits, and outlines necessary steps for implementation of shared services.

Final Report

Presentation to COG members (1/17/18)

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