Regional Planning Commission (RPC)


Chairman: Ronald Giroux, Town of Lisbon
Vice Chairman: Jeffrey Pritchard, Town of Groton
Secretary: Barry Levine, City of New London

The Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is comprised of members of the Planning Commissions from each of the member municipalities of the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments. The RPC meets quarterly and reviews and comments on pertinent plans developed by the COG as needed. The Commission aids in the preparation of the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development every ten years. In addition, the RPC provides members the opportunity to learn from their counterparts in neighboring municipalities, and become aware of projects that are occurring throughout the region.


Town of Bozrah
Stephen Seder

Town of Colchester
Art Mathieu

Town of East Lyme

Town of Franklin
Matt Calvert
John McGuire (Alternate)

Town of Griswold

City of Groton
Paul Kunkemoeller

Town of Groton
Jeffrey Pritchard

Borough of Jewett City

Town of Lebanon
Francis Malozzi
Kathleen Smith

Town of Ledyard
Katie Scanlon
Mike Cherry (Alternate)

Town of Lisbon
Ronald Giroux

Town of Montville

City of New London
Barry Levine

Town of North Stonington
Ann Brown
Connie Berardi (Alternate)

City of Norwich
Jason Courter

Town of Preston
Arthur Morran
Anne Stockton-Sabrowski

Town of Salem
Margaret Caron

Town of Sprague
Sandor Bittman
Nicholas Velles (Alternate)

Town of Stonington
Curtis Lynch

Borough of Stonington
Jan Lindberg

Town of Waterford

Town of Windham