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RHSCC Shared Services Study (coming soon)

SCCOG Regional Human Services Coordinating Council

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments identified a need for greater coordination between human services agencies in 2011 when it formed the state’s first Regional Human Services Coordinating Committee (RHSCC) comprised of representatives from the region’s municipalities, state agencies, and non-profit human service organizations. State legislation has since been passed to mandate the creation of such councils, directing councils to “develop approaches to improve service delivery and achieve cost savings in the region.”

In 2013, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Public Act 13-247, which required Regional Councils of Governments to convene human services coordinating councils. This legislation cemented the role of the RHSCC and provides that human services coordinating councils meet to:

  • Ensure that regional plans and activities are coordinated with the human service needs of each region; and
  • Develop approaches to improve service delivery and achieve cost savings in the region.
For meeting information, such as agendas, minutes, and membership, see the Meetings page.
RHSCC Shared Services Study

As of 2018, SCCOG has undertaken a study to:

  • Identify opportunities resource sharing and activity collaboration between human services organizations;
  • Quantify potential cost savings and increased service to clients; and
  • Outline a process for implementation of study recommendations.