SCCOG Initiates Two Corridor Studies:

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments has received funding from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) to perform two Transportation Corridor Studies, one of Route 32 in New London and the other of Route 161 in East Lyme. The SCCOG has retained engineering firm, Fuss & O’Neill as lead consultant on the Route 32 study; the BETA Group was selected to conduct the Route 161 study. The two studies will analyze multi-modal transportation accommodation through the respective corridors, and will explore ways to reduce traffic congestion and to improve safety. Both studies will include a robust public engagement process, including the formation of a study advisory committee for each study, several outreach methods and opportunities, and the creation of project websites. The Route 32 Corridor Study web site may be found at this link: The Route 161 Corridor Study web site may be found at this link: For further information concerning either study, contact James Butler at