Public Meeting – SCCOG Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan:

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments invites members of the public to a meeting and workshop, to discuss the existing conditions of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the region. This meeting will feature a short introductory presentation, followed by table-top, participatory exercises. Food provided. Children welcome.

Meeting information:
January 9, 2019
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Otis Library
261 Main Street, Norwich

Meeting Flyer

Thames River Heritage Park Foundation seeks water taxi and boat tour operator

The Thames River Heritage Park Foundation (TRHPF) is soliciting proposals from Licensed Commercial Tour Boat Operators to provide a Water Taxi Shuttle Service among at least three points linking the cultural and historic sites of the Thames River Heritage Park (TRHP), as well as to operate boat tours in the lower Thames River estuary.


Interactive Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Map and Survey

Provide input so our region can better accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians.


Interactive Map

Basic instructions for the map:

  1. Create a login.
  2. Navigate the map to the location you are looking for.
  3. Open up the legend and click the “+” next to the feature you wish to put on the map
  4. Start drawing.…
  5. When you have finished click “Finish” in the lower left hand corner.
  6. Enter a Title and Description

Recommendations of the SCCOG Task Force to Analyze the Municipal Tax Impact of Non-profit Agencies

In 2018, a Task Force of the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments was established to explore solutions to ease the impact of non-profit agencies on municipal Net Grand Lists and expenses.

Among the Task Force participants were municipal chief elected officials/managers, municipal assessors, non-profit agency executives, a hospital representative, a representative of a private college, and SCCOG staff.

Final Report

SCCOG Embarks on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Study:

SCCOG staff, with consultants from AECOM, are leading a planning process that will assess existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and identify gaps and future needs in pedestrian and bicycle networks. This study period will run through June 2019.

The study team is seeking input from constituents with an interest in bicycle and pedestrian transportation to drive planning recommendations. Please find a survey link below.

Southeastern Connecticut Regional Bike & Pedestrian Plan website


Opportunity for Public Comment – Public Participation and Consultation Process for Transportation Planning:

SCCOG staff has proposed amendments to the Public Participation and Consultation Process for Transportation Planning, a document required for all Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) under 23 CFR 450.316. This document sets forth policies and practices that guide SCCOG in seeking input from individuals and organizations, in the transportation planning process. The 45-day public comment period will run from September 1 to October 15. Adoption of amendments will be considered and acted upon by the SCCOG Board at a regular, noticed meeting.

Existing Document

Proposed Document

RFP/RFQ – Regional Wastewater Management Plan:

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments is seeking qualifications and proposals from firms to prepare a Regional Wastewater Management Plan. The plan will analyze the region’s existing wastewater treatment facilities, project future demand for upgrades to these facilities, evaluate the capacity of the existing facilities to meet that demand, and make recommendations for upgrades to existing, and for new, wastewater treatment facilities.

Interested firms must demonstrate knowledge and experience in wastewater management, wastewater treatment planning, sewer system planning and design, and other water resource planning and engineering practice areas. Statements of Qualifications and Project Proposals must be received by SCCOG no later than Friday, September 14, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. EST. Statements received after this deadline will not be considered.

Request for Qualifications/Proposals

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